Architecture Magazine: Clever Design for Small Spaces

Clever design is often the key when it comes to making the most of small and awkwardly shaped sites. The innovative use of space could also be a solution to maximise plots of land that may have previously been overlooked as potential options for development.

Two of Clear Architects’ most recent design proposals, The Yard and Southwell Grove, are both excellent examples of how a smart design strategy can be employed to rejuvenate sites where space is limited. Both schemes were recently featured in Architecture Magazine as examples of innovative schemes in small spaces. The article outlines how clever design will help pave the way for a ‘small homes revolution’, particularly in the urban housing sector.

The Yard seeks to reinvigorate a tight brownfield plot in East London via the construction of 3 new individually-designed dwellings – read more about the project here. Situated in Leytonstone, the Southwell Grove project proposes the replacement of a double garage with a modern 1-bedroom abode. Read more about the project here.

In Architecture Magazine, Melanie Clear, Founder & Director of Clear Architects, says:

Our vision is to create modern homes for young professionals and empty nesters, which have strong architectural merit but are small and simple in design. There is a need for low-maintenance affordable homes with good infrastructure on their doorstep.

“Using disused parcels of land is a sensible approach to urban planning, but because these sites are typically brownfield, often with an awkward shape or access issues, they are too readily overlooked by developers. With imagination and architectural expertise, these tricky spaces can create a better environment  for those in the immediate vicinity and provide inspiring contemporary dwellings.”

Melanie Clear was recently quoted in another article in Architecture Magazine. This feature focuses on the importance of being registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB). It also looks at how the term ‘architect’ is protected in the UK.

Melanie said: “Although the word ‘architect’ is protected, there is a lot of ambiguity around the term ‘architectural services’ and many may not realise they are not engaging a qualified architect.

“Anyone who knows CAD proficiently can, in theory, draw up a set of plans, but that is a world of difference to hiring an architect who has studied for seven years and has the training and experience to understand not just where things go wrong but can successfully negotiate the increasingly complex planning system.”

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