Ricky Glover joined the team in 2014 and completed his Masters at University of Westminster under Clear Architects’ sponsorship programme. Ricky has recently completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Professional Practice, the third and final stage of architectural education.

Ricky believes that good design is important because it can be used as a tool to express creativity and complement people’s unique tastes. When he is developing fresh concepts for clients, Ricky pays close attention to how architecture sits within its context and complements its surroundings.

Many of Ricky’s designs focus on the use of bold, geometric forms, with high quality materials to enhance the overall aesthetic. For Ricky, “the most rewarding part of the job is the first time I present the client with a fresh design concept for their project, whether that’s a refurbishment or a new build.”

Currently Ricky is leading his team on The Yard project.

Contact Ricky Glover directly on ricky@cleararchitects.co.uk

Direct line 020 8418 8335