Woodford Road

Art Deco Re-Born

Our design for this dilapidated house brings it to 21st-century family living and is fully accessible.

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What We Propose

Damaged plasterwork will be repaired and repainted to reinstate the opulent Art Deco style. Unsympathetic PVCu windows and doors will be replaced with metal-framed units to complement the age and style of the building.

The poorly designed pitched roof, out of keeping with Art Deco architecture, will be removed and replaced with one that reduces the building’s overall height. A new master bedroom and ensuite overlooking the rear garden will be contained within the new roof.

At the back, a modest first-floor extension will sit over part of an existing single-storey extension. Its design is a modern interpretation of Art Deco style, but will clearly distinguish old from new.

The front boundary wall and railings, original Art Deco features that are in a poor state of repair, will be refurbished to a high standard. The front garden and driveway will also be newly landscaped.

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Design Features

  • Metal-framed windows and doors lend a sense of quality and authenticity that was sorely lacking in the existing PVCu units
  • A dark aluminium standing seam roof is a modern interpretation of an Art Deco design that will complement the new windows and doors and look stunning from the front of the property
  • A square roof profile to the extensions complements the styling of the original house
  • The remodelled rear elevation will reinstate a sense of symmetry and rhythm that had been lost over time
  • Both the exterior landscaping and interior layouts (including a lift) take into consideration that one of the owners’ children uses a wheelchair. It was important that she should be able to access all parts of the house
  • The proposed rear extension will be unseen from the street and largely unseen from neighbouring properties
  • Rather than having a negative effect on the Conservation Area, the remodelled property will enhance the street scene
  • The proposed garden room at the rear, set over 2 floors with a sunken terrace, is a clear link to the remodelled house. It will provide a great family space for future generations

The Existing Rear


"There aren't many opportunities to work on original Art Deco properties. This one had become pretty dilapidated, but it was easy to see how amazing it could once again become.

We've put our own stamp on it in the form of the contemporary rear extension and taken on the additional challenge of rethinking the layouts, not just for 21st-century living but for full accessibility."

Alexa Kasim, Technical Director