The Yard

Cleverly Designed Intricate Shaped Spaces

Our proposal seeks to reinvigorate a brownfield site in East London via the construction of three beautifully-designed dwellings.

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What We Propose

Since the demolition of the factory that originally occupied the site, the tight dimensions and awkward shape of the plot mean that it has been left undeveloped. As a result, the land has deteriorated. Our plans seek to reinvent the space via the construction of three eye-catching residential units that will complement the street scene of this leafy neighbourhood in East London.

The roof and 2 external walls of the factory were demolished years ago, resulting in an open yard that is closely bound by neighbouring 2-storey properties. 4m-high brick walls were left behind, spring boarding the concept, and have been integrated into the new design to make full use of the site. The external wall and re-use of the factory floor have been devised, saving on our carbon footprint of the development alongside air source heat pumps.

Other eye-catching projects that involve the redevelopment of commercial property include our Coborn House scheme.

  • Location
    Leyton, East London
  • Size
    50+ square metres per unit
  • Status
    Planning Approved (Phase 1), Under Consideration (Phase 2)
  • Cost

Our proposal seeks to reinstate some of the original factory-style features, and includes an entrance that from the street appears to lead into an industrial building. However, the gate will now lead to a cluster of three modern homes.

From a design perspective, one of our top priorities was to establish a scheme that complements the urban setting rather than overwhelming it. Our carefully-crafted strategy has resulted in a non-intrusive design in which the dwellings are of a lesser scale than the previous factory.

The new dwellings will principally be single-storey, with mezzanine levels inside to accommodate bedroom quarters.

We were keen to avoid creating a pastiche copy of the neighbouring period properties, as these would not have maximised the space available on the site. As a result, the scheme exudes an attractive modern aesthetic that is also largely informed by the architecture of the original factory.

The removal of the once-scruffy yard will also improve the outlook for neighbouring homes.

The Yard Design Features

  • Dark steel cladding, with timber inset detailing, has been incorporated in the exterior materials palette as a nod to the site’s factory heritage
  • The original factory walls, which have been retained, will be integrated into the design
  • A green roof system provides an attractive visual to surrounding neighbours
  • Each dwelling will feature floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking their courtyard and gardens, ensuring the interiors of each house will be bathed in natural light
  • Inside, a mezzanine level will provide bedroom space for occupants in 2 of the units