Forest View


Clear Architects was commissioned to extend this 1950’s home, increasing the liveable space and, crucially, creating a seamless transition between the living and garden areas.

This project is full of design features, not least a sunken wine cellar, and innovative use of glazing.

Forest View

What We Did

We love taking an existing property, adding space yet carefully considering the interior layout to ensure that the client has the correct flow around the building and, if need be, altering the existing spaces to suit.

We transformed this property with new rear additions to both the ground and the first floor, as well as  sweeping internal modifications.

The new garden room to the ground floor, master bedroom and additional bedroom to the first floor truly transformed the aesthetic and function of our client’s home.

This complex rear extension, with a ground-floor ‘garden room’ and two new bedroom suites – including an enlarged master bedroom – is highly innovative while appearing simple and chic.

The symmetry of the design for the double-storey extension provides a seamless transition to – and is mirrored in the landscape design of – the property’s rear garden.

  • Location
  • Size
    400 square metres
  • Status
    Completed July 2014
  • Cost

Design Features

  • Deep, cantilevered eaves are a dramatic feature with a highly practical purpose; offering protection from all the elements
  • The rear gabled extensions were duplicated to achieve a pleasing symmetry to the rear of the building
  • A ‘living’ green (Sedum) roof provides additional thermal insulation while also giving an attractive view from the new bedrooms
  • Materials used included render, charred timber and aluminium windows
  • 22mm window frames are extremely thin and allowed us to create a very contemporary aesthetic
  • Wrap-around glazing makes the new downstairs room provides a seamless transition between the inside and outside
  • The sunken wine cellar in the kitchen was positioned to mirror circular landscape shapes, making it both a design feature and practicality
  • A cinema room was also created within a renovated section of the ground floor.
  • Newly landscaped garden (carried out by a landscape architect)
  • Internal balcony areas leading from the bedrooms were created as a clever way to get around the planning restriction on the property, which prohibited a traditional balcony
  • Second storey aspect of the build was a double-gable extension that created a stunning master bedroom and an additional bedroom. Both spaces have vaulted ceilings and exposed ‘glulam ridge beams’ that form the interiors
  • Integrated LED lighting were incorporated into the crease lines of the internal vertical walls to accentuate the vaulted interiors

Sunken Wine Cellar

Sunken wine cellar
Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

"The client wanted a seamless transition between living and garden areas, so cantilever with sliding opening corner doors were the answer. We included two light boxes in the roof to flood the room with light on even the most overcast days.

The kitchen is separated from the living room extension by levels. To provide visual flow, a set of oak-clad steps kept the link between the two rooms door-free, increasing connectivity.

We consider Forest View to be a superior example of our refurbishment projects, and it has been rewarding to receive such a high level of media interest from consumer titles across the country."

Melanie Clear, Founder

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