Debden Hall

4 Houses Created From One

Bath Crescent in Loughton, a new concept for an old site. Re-working a scheme to create beautiful spaces

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What We Propose

The original Debden Hall dated back to the early 17th century. During its lifetime the building underwent several alterations, the most significant of which was conducted by Henry Holland in the late 1700s. The old manor house was tragically demolished after it was badly damaged in a fire in 1929.

Our original proposal was to recreate a substantial mansion on this significant site and restore the magnificent grounds, thought to have originally been landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. The project enhanced the immediate area – including the gift of 1.34 hectares of land to Epping Forest Countrycare as public land. The 2016 consent gained was in line with that of Paragraph 55 (now Paragraph 79) of the NPPF.

We love the opportunity to create something  unique and sadly with Brexit among other things preventing the scheme from moving forward, re-thought how to progress. We reevaluated the site and whilst keeping many of the original elements of this unique planning proposal, proposed 4 new town houses in a crescent shape design.

The same level of classical detail was retained in line with that of the original scheme combining with the existing site topography to create magnificent grounds and features.

  • Location
    Debden, Essex
  • Size
    820 square metres
  • Status
    Planning Under Consideration
  • Cost

Debden Hall Design Features

  • The external face of the buildings will use high quality traditional materials with timber doors and windows will complement the unique location
  • Sustainable ground source heat pumps
  • The original Grade II listed gates and pillars will be repaired, in addition to the restoration of the historic tree lined driveway that will bring the main entrance back into daily use
  • A well-designed landscaping scheme will be incorporated, add value to the woodland in which the house sits
  • Management of the surrounding woodland will ensure that the biodiversity of the area is supported and allowed to flourish for future generations to enjoy

The existing gates