Planning granted for creative extension and renovation in Epping Forest SAC Green Belt

We are thrilled to gain planning permission on this creative extension and renovation of a rather unassuming house located within the Special Area of Conservation, Epping Forest.

Our clients loved its location deep within the forest, a hamlet of tranquility with a small brook within its grounds feeding into the River Lea. However, they did not love so much the layout or look of the existing property and wanted it to be bigger with more substance.

The Barn was developed through massing exploration so that the bold extension, clad in stone, would sit comfortably against the rather low roof form of the existing and feel connected to it. We wanted to make a contemporaneous statement without overshadowing or being disproportionate to that of the existing house, contributing positively to the mixture of varied surrounding properties, all of which are key to getting planning within the Green Belt.

Some other successes in Green Belt locations include Forest Rise and The Bothy.


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